Bryant H. Patton


Bryant H. Patton has spent the last three decades dealing with primarily the non-technical complexities of the oil and gas business and the successful growth and development of several companies.

  • Principal in Oakspring Energy, Vaquero Midstream and Vendera Resources.
  • Helped to orchestrate the start-up and capitalization of TEAK Midstream, LLC in the fall of 2009. TEAK sold in May, 2013 for $1 Billion.
  • Principal in Sendero Energy Partners, LP, an $18.5 million partnership formed in 2008 and fully invested in the fall of 2010.
  • Advised in 2009 the $250 million merger of two private oil and gas exploration companies.
  • Was co-founder of Camden Resources, Inc. (CRI). Camden Resources was sold in 2007 after drilling 90 deep South Texas wells.
  • Principal in Savannah Energy. Savannah sold in 2003 for $92 million.
  • Nine years of institutional investment experience with AEM deploying $350 million to energy independents.
  • A decade with TTE, a family owned integrated energy holding entity with 7 companies and 325 employees.